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冰氏夫婦為與三名子女共聚天倫辦音樂會籌款 Baynes Concert

2010-01-04 10:48 Posted.


冰太太(Zabeth Bayne)在音樂會中演出。

為了從卑詩省兒童及家庭發展廳取回三名子女的撫養權,冰氏夫婦(Paul & Zabeth Bayne)已耗盡家財並失去工作。二人得到一群熱心弟兄姊妹的協助,於昨晚(3日)在列治文門諾會平安堂舉辦音樂籌款會,由冰太太親自演出,務求籌得 約$15,000的法律費用。

冰氏夫婦07年時被指搖晃女兒,兒童廳因而一併帶走其兩名兒子,三人被帶到不同的寄養家庭居住,兩年內已轉過四個家庭。雖然他們已蒐集到九位國內外醫生的 報告,證明小女兒所患的並非「搖晃嬰兒綜合症」,而是一種叫戊二酸血症(Glutaric Aciduria)的罕見疾病;又曾七次在省長金寶爾辨公室門外抗議卻不獲理會,法律程序一再拖延,至今已與孩子分離兩年多。

昨晚的音樂會以公義與慈愛為主題,盼喚起更多人士對兒童廳強行帶走兒童的關注。參加者梁先生表示,三名冰氏孩子每日住在寄養家庭24小時,比一般小孩到日 託中心的8到10小時還要長,孩子們長時間與父母分離並不是好事,他認為最好的做法是把孩子們歸還父母。

另一位受訪者黃女士表示,她已不是第一次聽聞兒童廳因懷疑嬰兒得搖晃症而被帶走的個案,冰氏夫婦並不是唯一的例子,她身邊也有遇過類似的家庭。她認為省政 府拒絕調查和了解事件是難以置信的事情,加拿大應有公平的法制。她又表示,在處理同類案件中兒童廳有過大的權力,如果我們還不表明立場,恐怕日後有更多類 似的事件發生。

去年十月,愛加公義聯會曾在其年度晚宴上向接近600名市民發出問卷調查,結果顯示98%出席者認為「兒童廳權力過大引至濫用權力」,以及贊成「在法制下 設有一個獨立法定部門有權在兒童被強行帶走七日內監察兒童廳的行為是否適當」。當晚兒童廳廳長蒲拉克亦有出席,蒲拉克在演說中表示,兒童廳的原則是保障兒 童的「安全」,在確保孩童在「安全」的情況下,會盡早把孩子歸還父母。

冰 氏夫婦抗議兒童廳強行「保護」兒童
卑詩省兒童廳長出席愛加公義聯會籌款 晚宴

2010-01-04 10:48 Posted.

冰氏夫婦為與三名子女共聚天倫辦音樂會籌款 Bing’s wife with three children spend with the family to do concerts, fund-raising copolymer

冰太太(Zabeth Bayne)在音樂會中演出。 Mrs. Bing (Zabeth Bayne) perform at the concert.
一群熱心弟兄姊妹為冰氏夫婦(左六、七)籌辦音樂會。 A group of enthusiastic brothers and sisters for the ice’s wife (left six or seven) to organize the concert. (圖:基督日報) (Photo: Christian Daily News)

為了從卑詩省兒童及家庭發展廳取回三名子女的撫養權,冰氏夫婦(Paul & Zabeth Bayne)已耗盡家財並失去工作。 In order from the British Columbia Office of Children and Family Development to recover custody of three children, ice’s wife (Paul & Zabeth Bayne) has run out of family wealth, and lose their jobs. 二人得到一群熱心弟兄姊妹的協助,於昨晚(3日)在列治文門諾會平安堂舉辦音樂籌款會,由冰太太親自 演出,務求籌得約$15,000的法律費用。 The duo received the assistance of a group of enthusiastic brothers and sisters, was last night (3) in the Richmond Peace Mennonite Church music fund-raising will be held by the ice-wife personally performed in order to raise about $ 15,000 in legal fees.

冰氏夫婦07年時被指搖晃女兒,兒童廳因而一併帶走其兩名兒子,三人被帶到不同的寄養家庭居住,兩年 內已轉過四個家庭。 Bing’s wife in 2007, when accused of shaking his daughter, children’s Office and thus be taken away two of its sons, three were taken to different foster families live in two years, four families have been turned. 雖然他們已蒐集到九位國內外醫生的報告,證明小女兒所患的並非「搖晃嬰兒綜合症」,而是一種叫戊二酸 血症(Glutaric Aciduria)的罕見疾病;又曾七次在省長金寶爾辨公室門外抗議卻不獲理會,法律程序一再拖延,至今已與孩子分離兩年多。 Although they have already collected nine domestic and foreign medical report confirming that the small daughter is not suffering from “shaken baby syndrome,” but rather something called glutaric acidemia (Glutaric Aciduria) of rare diseases; also had seven in the province long protest outside the Campbell辨公室not be ignored, delays in proceedings, has been separated with their children more than two years.

昨晚的音樂會以公義與慈愛為主題,盼 喚起更多人士對兒童廳強行帶走兒童的關注。 Last night’s concert, justice, and love as the theme, hope to draw more people to the Office of the forcible taking of children on children’s attention. 參加者梁先生表示,三名冰氏孩子每日 住在寄養家庭24小時,比一般小孩到日託中心的8到10小時還要長,孩子們長時間與父母分離並不是好事,他認為最好的做法是把孩子們歸還父母。 The participants, Mr Leung said, the ice’s three children live in foster homes each day for 24 hours than normal children to day-care centers 8-10 hours much longer, children separated from their parents is not a good thing for a long time, he considered the most good practice is to return children to their parents.

另一位受訪者黃女士表示,她已不是第一次聽聞兒童廳因懷疑嬰兒得搖晃症而被帶走的個案,冰氏夫婦並不 是唯一的例子,她身邊也有遇過類似的家庭。 Another interviewed Ms. Huang said she was not the first time heard of children’s Office on suspicion of shaken baby syndrome may have been taken away cases, the ice’s wife is not the only example of her, have encountered similar families. 她認為省政府拒絕調查和了解事件是難以置信的事情,加拿大應有公平的法制。 She believes that the provincial government refused to investigate and understand the event is an incredible thing, Canada should have a fair legal system. 她又表示,在處理同類案件中兒童廳有過大的權力,如果我們還不表明立場,恐怕日後有更多類似的事件發 生。 She also said that in dealing with similar cases in the children’s Office has too much power, if we do not stand, I am afraid that there will be more similar incidents.

去年十月,愛加公義聯會曾在其年度晚宴上向接近600名市民發出問卷調查,結果顯示98%出席者認為 「兒童廳權力過大引至濫用權力」,以及贊成「在法制下設有一個獨立法定部門有權在兒童被強行帶走七日內監察兒童廳的行為是否適當」。 Last year in October, love justice, added the Federation at its annual dinner given to the nearly 600 members of the public survey showed that 98% of the attendees that “children’s Office cited the excessive powers to the abuse of power”, and in favor of “under the rule of law has an independent statutory sector and children were forcibly taken away the right to monitor the children’s Office within seven days whether the conduct of appropriate. ” 當晚兒童廳廳長蒲拉克亦有出席,蒲拉克在演說中表示,兒童廳的原則是保障兒童的「安全」,在確保孩童 在「安全」的情況下,會盡早把孩子歸還父母。 Lack of children that evening, also attended the Director of the Office Po Po Lack in his speech said that the principle of children’s Office to protect children’s “safety” in ensuring that children in the “security” cases, the child returned to parents as soon as possible.

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