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Shaken Baby Protest – Fairchild TV

(English translation is available at the end of A Surrey couple launched a peaceful protest outside B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell’s Vancouver constituency office seeking a trial on the removal of their 3 children in October 2007. Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) alleged that their youngest daughter had been physically abused (Shaken Baby Syndrome) of the 6-week old infant. In June 2008, they went public to Global TV after MCFD returned their older boys under supervision order. Several weeks later, social workers from MCFD went to their home and removed the boys again during their birthday party. Lawyer representing MCFD told the parents that this is a “control” issue and the parents should know what that means.

It is scary to see that a government ministry with a mandate to protect children and develop families in need would abuse its authority and retaliate when parents go public to air their case. This happened in a place where its government describes as “the best place on Earth”. The authority to remove children under the pretext of “child protection” seriously challenges our long-cherished human rights, civil liberty and natural justice.

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